Worldpower-energy is an energy solution which does not need any of these factors to work; sunlight, wind, waves, waterfalls.

Worldpower-energy is a unique, tested system based on the pressure from the standing, surrounding water, in combination with atmospheric pressure.

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Revolutionary energy solution

Imagine a new energy generating system which is 100% clean and environmentally friendly.

Imagine a new way of producing electricity, that is totally renewawable, more efficient than any other solutions,  far more sustainable too, and in addition filters plastic waste from the water. Imagine no more. After years of planning and testing, such a system is in the process of becoming a reality. It's name is Worldpower-energy and it is exactly what it says on the tin - using the world to power the world.

More than 70 per cent of the earth is covered by water. As Worldpower-energy can generate energy from standing water, with no need for waterfalls, wind or waves, this means we can generate an unprecedented amounts of energy - over an almost indescribable length of time. Worldpower-energy can be used at sea, on lakes, in man made dams, even in floodwater regions. Imagine no more - take it all in, for this new system will certainly shape the future.

The inventor:

"We need to focus on optimisation"

Bendik Bø, the inventor of Worldpower-energy says: “My philosophy has always been this: regardless of topic, situation or event, it is the way we think that will have the main effect on the end result. In order to achieve the best end result, we need to focus on optimisation, more than on the result itself. Taking that approach is the only way to achieve the best end result. If you need to search for the problem, find it so to speak, well, then creating a solution to that particular problem is probably not necessarry, not worth our while. Some problems, however, are crying out for our attention”.    Read more   /   Watch Bendik's briefing video

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The worldpower-energy team

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