WorldPower Energy

Welcome to WorldPower Energy

WorldPower Energy is an energy solution which does not need any of these factors to work; sunlight, wind, waves, waterfalls.

WorldPower Energy is a unique, tested system based on the pressure from the standing, surrounding water, in combination with atmospheric pressure. 

The inventor:

"We need to focus on optimisation"

Bendik Bø, the inventor of WorldPower Energy says the following: “My philosophy has always been this: regardless of the task ahead, it is the way we think that will have the main effect on the end result. In order to achieve the best result, we need to focus on optimisation, more than on the result itself. 

That approach is the only way to achieve the best end result. 

If you need to look hard for the problem, then creating a solution to that particular problem is probably not worth your time. 

Some problems, however, are crying out for attention. 

How to provide sustainable energy solutions are certainly one of those problems".

Working with highly respected companies and research institutions